The Successful Pet Groomer




Wouldn’t you love to have an appointment book filled with pets on a maintenance schedule with accommodating teamwork owners? Well, you can!

Read the The Successful Pet Groomer.  Whether you are a shop, home, house call or mobile groomer, Ellen will inspire, motivate, and empower you to create the grooming business you’ve always wanted. The Successful Pet Groomer explains: how to run and grow your business, health and safety, tips and tricks, time savers, and everything in between. You’ll also learn how to groom more efficiently so you can increase your profits. Joey Villani, renowned pet stylist said, “the cost of this book is just one groom.”

The Successful Pet Groomer includes a practical appendix full of sample forms, waivers, price increase letters, owner tips, websites, links, etc.

Ellen explains how to groom most small dogs in 60 minutes or less, guaranteeing you more grooms in a day with less stress, and wear and tear as you build the ideal relationship with your customers. Topics include breeds, styles, pricing, prep, bathing, drying, and grooming tips.


What a wonderful fun and empowering book it was to read! I read much of it 2x’s as I often forgot my purpose and surged forward to hear more inspirational advice. Not the kind of inspirational book that reminds you of a religion, just a real human, and her journey to make life and working as a groomer a happier place for herself. Since I met Ellen, she has always encouraged me in ways I’m not good at encouraging myself. I am truly blessed to have her, not just as a mentor, but a friend. In this new book, she speaks to all of us in friendly readable banter. Any start up business, not just groomers will find some benefits to the things Ellen has learned in her journey and shares in her book. Often business books are too much about profits and margins and math. Not this. I feel inspired to move forward, not overwhelmed by massive changes that I have to do or things I might have missed, just real life little stuff that makes so much sense. I am proud and honored to be part of her world! Thank you Ellen! Write ON!!!  Liz Sines

I wish I read The Successful Pet Groomer when I first started grooming. This book is a gem. I encourage every groomer to read this book, regardless of how many years of experience you have. There is very good information here to reinforce what you are doing right, to remind you of things you forgot, and to share with new, upcoming groomers. Well done my friend. Ileana Noguras

I just wanted to let you know that I received The Successful Pet Groomer yesterday and instantly sat down and read almost half of it! LOL Thank you SO much for signing it and wishing me TONS of success, too. That is SO sweet! And thank you endlessly for writing this book. It is like you read my thoughts. It’s like having a mind-melting conversation with a good friend. THANK YOU! Susanne Hafendorfer

I am very proud of you. The book is wonderful. Joey Villani

Read it. Loved it! Well done, bravo, good job, waytogo! Your work is readable, compelling, interesting, fun, warm, friendly and an all around good read.  Daryl Conner

I got started on your book, and this is great, really! Your enthusiasm for what you do and advocacy both for your colleagues and your pet-clients resonate so clearly in the book — it’s a pleasure!  J.B.

Loving your book! This book is going to be the bible of groomers!  Christine Lugano Nieves Lugo

I am on Page 12 of The Successful Pet Groomer and it is quite awe inspiring. Just the honesty and pure love of grooming and desire of sharing is crystal clear.  Nancy Taylor Lee

The cover of the book reads: “Inspire, Motivate, Empower.” Truer words were never written. This is a fabulous book. It does not matter which direction in grooming you take. Be it shop, mobile, home based, or housecall, The Successful Pet Groomer covers everything from running and growing a business, health and safety, grooming tips and time savers, and everything in between. The best part of this book is the appendix. Included sample forms, waivers, price increase letters, owner tips and other resources. The appendix alone is worth the $49.95 price of the book.  Mary Oquendo

I am loving The Successful Pet Groomer! I am having dreams this week of I am reorganizing my biz … and fill in the blank! Thanks so much Ellen!  Celeste McCormick

Only on Page 19 of The Successful Pet Groomer and loving every word! Excellent bed time reading too – having dreams instead of nightmares of bad work days. 🙂 If you don’t have a copy yet, get it. My fav page so far is Page 14, “Learning How To Say No.”  Nicole Weisman

“I stopped by my school to say hi today and talked with some students about going mobile. I had your book with me and encouraged them to get a copy immediately. They said “Woah, $50!?” I reiterated my belief that your book is priceless and said, “The first time you come across a scenario that is in this book, you will say to yourself, “That saved me a lot more than 50 bucks.'” They finished my statement for me and nodded in agreement.” Jon Kelley

I thoroughly enjoyed reading my copy of The Successful Pet Groomer. I’ve been in business nearly a decade now and still found enough useful tidbits in this book to completely justify the cover price. I was happy to discover that quite a lot of what I already do is recommended — such as constantly reviewing and reorganizing your business to optimize the breeds and size dogs you groom and the sizeof the service area you want to be in. Ellen is very adamant about “weeding” your client list until you are able to select the best clientele and stop dealing with customers who don’t respect your time and won’t work with you to keep their dog looking good and feeling good. The book includes lots of samples to help any groomer, no matter how new to the business (or how long in it!) to craft the perfect mat release form, price increase letter, and various policy forms. Helpful links are also included. Like I said when I read Go Mobile and Succeed, I sure do wish this resource was available when I was launching my business. It would have save me quite a lot of trouble and time. Michele Peterson

TY TY I received your book!! LOVE IT!! Fantastic info..!! Thanks Again! HUGS!! Lisa Nelson

I got your new book yesterday. (The Successful Pet Groomer) Only had time to skim through it so far, but WOW. You packed a lot of good information into that book! didn’t notice much “filler”, only good, useful information! Can’t wait to have time to read it through completely. I sure wish something like this would have been available 30 years ago when I started out.  Carol Harvey

I’m just about finished reading and decided The Successful Pet Groomer is going in my van with my copy of Notes from the Grooming Table so I can refer to it when I need it. That way I don’t have to say to myself, “Hmm what did Ellen say about X?” I’ll have the book right there so I can look it up and get the answer asap.  Dawn O’Day Foster

Just purchased your new book on from your website…….feeling inspired already. Linda Perkins

Last week I got a surprise package in the mail. Ellen sent along a book to me; her newest body of work, “The Successful Pet Groomer”. Well, I am only into the first 17 pages so far and already I have to say, Ellen has outdone herself. I am not just saying this of a friend; Ellen is a joy in my life, but I am pretty honest when giving my opinion on learning materials for our industry and I don’t sugar coat these things. This book is wonderful. Helpful, insightful, and honest. I am sincerely excited to read on this steadily until I have it finished, and to then recommend it to anyone else who will listen. Ellen, job well done. Christein Sertzel

A must BUY! I just want to say thank you Ellen Ehrlich! This is a complete reference to be a successful groomer! Milena Bermudez

Every groomer NEEDS this book!! Ellen Ehrlich once again brings insight coupled with sage advice about every aspect of creating and maintaining a successful pet grooming business while cultivating the unique attributes of a true professional. The cost of this book is less than one cat grooming session. And the value of the content is priceless!!  Stacey Ward

Ellen I love your new book. Almost read it in one read but nodded off and it fell on my face and scared the stuffing out of me! I am buying some safety goggles today and have started wearing my breathe easy masks and ear protection again. I had been really slack! Thank you so much for such a brilliant book Ellen.  Anne Amourgis

I would love to say I received in the mail today The Successful Pet Groomer and Go Mobile and Succeed book /DVD. I could not put them down until I finished them both I just loved it and would recommend reading the books or watching the seminar great job. Jo Dickinson

I just wanted to let you know I got your book yesterday! I ‘ve read it once and am now on round 2!!! Love it! Thank you so so so much!!!!  Marti Thompson

Thank you for taking the time to write such a great, very well written and inspiring book 🙂 Nikki Elie

I received my book, on my second read! FANTASTIC!!! Thank you! Colleen Kaminski

You have inspired me to personally, even after 35 years of grooming, to rethink my business.  Laurel Falcone

I just got your book in my mailbox today! I was flipping through the pages and saw at the end about the apps! That was BRILLIANT! Karen Baglini