Go Mobile and Succeed




Running a mobile business is not only about who you are and how you groom, but also about starting your business out the right way. Authored by a groomer who began her business when she graduated grooming school, Go Mobile And Succeed is packed with secrets on how to start and operate a mobile grooming business. You’ll learn the key factors, be inspired by Ellen’s story, and learn that you too can succeed in the wonderful world of mobile pet grooming.

Topics include: scheduling, routing, pricing, breed and breed trims, policy/release forms, customers, overbooking, working weekends, marketing, advertising, client calls, newsletters, testimonials, the three most important questions, insurance, vans/trailers, mobile tips, health, safety and more. This book will help you answer the all-important question: is mobile grooming right for you?


This book is the first of its kind and it has been a long time needed addition to the grooming industry! For anyone already in business as a mobile groomer and who wants their business to run smoothly, productively and efficiently, this book is a must read. And for anyone interested in all that mobile has to offer, how to get started, and all the questions that come with that endeavor – this book has those answers. A must have for any groomer’s reference library, whether mobile or not, as much of the helpful info also applies to grooming businesses as a whole.  Chris Sertzel

I’ve been in the mobile grooming business for about 18 months. Straight from groom school to setting up my mobile business. I knew I needed to know everything I could to get my business off to a fast start. I first read Ellen’s blog on www.petgroomer.com and then e-mailed her to tell her I liked her no nonsense writing style and of course the contents of her blog. At that point I thought I’d try her book and was very glad I did. It’s very well put together-well organized and concise. There is a ton to know about this business and somehow she managed to boil it all down to all of the critical stuff to know. I pick it up now and then to review areas such as scheduling, marketing etc .. I highly recommend reading this book before, during and after you start your mobile business.  Nancy Lee – Scruffs Mobile Grooming

If you want to be a mobile groomer, but for some reason think you can’t then stop wondering and buy this book! That’s why I bought it. This is the help I needed. When I was first interested in grooming I was overwhelmed by how much there was to learn just to make it through my first trade show. I knew nothing. What’s a slicker brush? Shave a foot pad? Don’t think so. After some concentrated googling and surfing I found this book and it was the only one that answered all my questions. After I finished reading this book I knew what grooming school to select, what mobile vehicle to buy, what insurance policy to get, what vehicle maintenance I needed, how to track appointments and collect state sales tax, and more. Ellen took the time to research all this information when she started her mobile business then took the time to put it all in one book. For less money than one grooming appointment fee do yourself a favor, save your own time and frustration and buy GO MOBILE AND SUCCEED. Ellen has had great success, and you can too!  Cathy Groomer

I am planning on going mobile soon & had heard about this book and Ellen at the All American Grooming Show in 2009. I was surprised with how skinny the book was but let me tell ya, it’s PACKED with AMAZING information that I can tell will set my grooming biz off to a GREAT start! She covers some things that I would never consider until it was too late, like how to schedule properly & which kinds of dogs NOT to groom. I highly recommend this book!  Oceanic

I have been mobile for just a few weeks now. Thanks to Ellen’s book, I feel much more prepared than I would have otherwise. She writes in such a down to earth way that her ideas and observations are accessible to everyone …. her advice is practical, but also coming from someone who has sometimes made the very mistakes she is saving her readers from making themselves! Her advice about scheduling, dealing with customers, what to have in the van with you, how to project a professional image, and how to deal with the unexpected is all priceless. This is the book to have, no matter what stage of the mobile grooming biz you are currently in (or thinking of being in!) …. a book that you will keep referring back to again and again!  A. You

I ran across this book on the net one day & thought – if I purchased this book, it just might help me with my new, struggling mobile business. My business is a franchise in which I am trained & assisted by the franchise owners. I must say, Ellen’s assistance, by creating this must-have, has been more help than my franchisor ever thought about providing. I think we all need to read & keep this book in our pockets at all times. It is also very motivating! Ellen has hit the nail-on-the-head by creating a masterpiece that should have been created years ago. She touches on so many topics that we go through in our day-to-day grooming of these much loved furry kids! If I had read this book months before (if it had only been available), I would have ventured on my own instead of with a franchise in which all the money I make goes to them. I feel as though I am Ellen’s friend & co-worker from the very 1st chapter! She is wonderful! I would love to be her ride-along! ;-) Tyra C. Bailey

This book is an amazing resource for anyone interested in mobile grooming. Ellen delves into the details involved in running a mobile pet grooming business, which will greatly assist someone considering this aspect of grooming. Her obvious love of what she does is contagious! More than that, however, this is a “how to” manual sure to make life significantly easier for those pursuing this particular profession.  Sherrie Rosenswog

WOW is the word that sums this book up! This book covers every question that one could possibly think of concerning what is involved in owning and operating a SUCCESSFUL mobile grooming business. You will learn from someone who has “been there” . In your shoes, and faced the problems or questions you are now facing. This book is packed full of information, everything from routing, scheduling, customer service, equipment, timing, vehicle maintenance, to the ins and outs of the business end financially. This book is simply a ” MUST HAVE ” for ANYONE considering a mobile unit, or who is even well established already in a mobile and just is looking to tweak the business they already have. It is well written, easy to follow and understand……Follow this authors experienced, proven, plan, and you WILL Go Mobile … AND SUCCEED!!!!! Kim West

Ellen writes in a chatty, personable manner and reading her book is almost like sitting down for coffee with a sharing mentor. She covers just about everything, from making your business plan, charting expenses and choosing your school and vehicle, through handling your canine and human customers, tips on a tight route, the pros and cons of cell phones vs. land lines, marketing, e-mails, anything you can think you need to know and lots of stuff you haven’t even thought of. The main thing is that you’ll be out there making tons of money if you follow much of the advice in this book. Her book is full of good common sense advice on many aspects of mobile grooming. Anyone starting out MUST buy and read this book – let it be your first business expense! Even established mobile groomers are sure to find lots of good information here. If you’re doing well, you may see just why, and if you are having trouble in one area or another, there is good advice to try and get around that hump.  Michele Peterson

It is a very easy, practical and upbeat read, packed with useful info and great tips. I love the fact that she listed references and companies and email addresses at the end. What a timesaver! Good job Ellen!  4Sibes (petgroomer.com)

I got your book yesterday and I read the whole thing! You are so amazing and seem so completely organized! I know that I will read it again and again and use the book as a guide. Thanks so much for all of your great ideas. I can definitely see why you became successful.  Sunny (email)

I started my mobile biz right out of school and just nine months ago – it was refreshing and educating to read this book! I think it’s imperative in any industry to continue learning new things and discover how others operate. It’s great to read the perspective of a “Pro.” Ellen, thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. I’m sure many individuals will be forever grateful for the roadmap to success that you are providing and hopefully someday, may I be as successful as you. You inspire me to be a better groomer and a better business owner. It will certainly give you tips and tricks of the *Mobile* trade and steer you clear of the inevitable bumps in the road.  Deannak (petgroomer.com)

You are my hero! I just read your book. I should say I just read your book 3 times!!! Thank you for taking the time to get this all down on paper – very helpful!!!! You inspire me. Juli (email)

GO AND BUY THIS BOOK! I can guarantee it will be a big help to anyone starting a mobile biz. Even my Mom read the book and she loved it.  Louie (groomers.net)

A book FINALLY written on the insanity I call mobile pet grooming. Where was this book back in 1997 when I needed you most? I am almost half way through, and already have gotten a few “aha moments.” Sometimes the simplest of tips are the most profound. Ellen’s tips will really save you time. And, of course, time is money! Great book Ellen and tons of thanks!  Tracy Tannen Groomingal (groomers.net)

I read it from cover to cover and commend you on making such an informative, useful, common sense guide available for existing or prospective mobile groomers. As an “Old Dog” in the industry (42 years and counting), one can always learn “new tricks”. Not only was the book enlightening, it was refreshing and written well with a dash of humor that would bring a smile to every seasoned mobiler’s face. Happy “Tail-Wagging” Thoughts, Marci Rich, NCMG, CFS

Kudos Ellen, for writing an excellent book that will benefit anyone considering going mobile, and even those of us who have been mobile for years!  Rhonda L. petbiz (petgroomer.com)

You are an inspiration to me. I have been grooming for 4 years and I am a salon manager for a big pet store here in San Antonio, Texas. I want to go mobile and your book has definitely helped me!!!  Elizabeth N. (email)

This book helped me get more organized. I was able to make sure I had all the important items in my rig when I first did my conversion. I still go to Ellen’s list and find more things I can use. I think anyone will enjoy having this resource.  Maladee (petgroomer.com)

It’s a GREAT book! I wish I’d had it when I was going mobile.  Daryl Conner (groomers.net)

Best piece of advice is to buy Ellen’s book “Go Mobile And Succeed.” It will answer so many of your questions and help guide you on the path to success.  Melissa Francisco

I received your book and read it immediately. I will reread it again and again. Very easy to read and so many great tips! Thank you for your book and I hope to meet your someday.  Donna C.

Thank you for your book. I know I’ll be rereading it a million times.Thank you for taking the time to write this great book. Sandy Morritt

I appreciate all your help over the last few months. I’m mobile now and have followed your book to the “T.” It is going to be a great year.Keep the tips coming. Zephrcain(petgroomer.com)

I just purchased your book and I love it. It’s very to the point and has lots of very good information.  Cara Evans

I just got your book and devoured it over the weekend. It was easy to read and full of useful information for me. I am brand new to grooming and feel the book will be EXTREMELY helpful to me. I am very excited and your book got me even more excited. You seem organized, methodical, and the tips and tricks you mentioned will give me an advantage and allow me to bypass some of those common mistakes I am sure everyone makes. Thanks for the great read and all the useful information.  Wendy D.

I enjoyed this book. I expected it to be small but not tiny and it shipped very fast. Its a good book because it gives helpful advice and knowledge about a lot of things I had thought of and some I had not. Very glad Ellen wrote this book for all to enjoy :) Deutchtiger

This book has a lot of information in it that will help the newbie get started in building a mobile grooming business, and avoiding mistakes that could come up. Learn how to map your route, necessary tools and equipment, and time-saving tips which all mobiles are looking for. My business is established, but I was still able to get some good information from this book.  Valerie L Heisey

WOW is the word that sums this book up! This book covers every question that one could possibly think of concerning what is involved in owning and operating a SUCCESSFUL mobil grooming business. You will learn from someone who has “been there”. In your shoes, and faced the problems or questions you are now facing. This book is packed full of information, everything from Routing, scheduling, customer service, equiptment, timing, vehicle maintenance, to, the ins and outs of the business end financially. This book is simply a ” MUST HAVE ” for ANYONE considering a mobil unit, or , who is even well established already in a mobil and just is looking to tweak the business they already have. It is well written, easy to follow and understand……Follow this authors experienced, proven , plan, and you WILL ..Go Mobile…..AND SUCCEED!!!!!Kim West

As someone who is preparing to start in the mobile grooming biz I found this book very usefull. It covered all the basics and answered many questions that I was asking myself about scheduling clients, generators/inverters, trailer vs. van. If you are looking for more detailed, text book type info this may not do it for you, but none the less is a great addition to your grooming library and great at explaining the basic ins and outs of going mobile. :) By M. Rojas

After many years of owning a grooming salon I made the huge leap to mobile grooming. As I stood there browsing through your book at a show, I remember thinking…If Ellen can do it, I can do it too! Mobile grooming had always been a huge mystery to me. You helped clarify that mystery. Thank you for helping to make the industry better for everyone! Angelia Allen

Go Mobile And Succeed was the first book I ordered from Amazon when I decided to go mobile!!! Thanks for writing a book that helped influence me in the beginning of my career!! I have been my own boss for over 3 years now, have an employee who works full time with me and is booked up a year in advance!!!  God Bless You!  Alecia Allen Barks N Bubbles Mobile Pet Grooming

I got your book and dvd in the mail today. I’m already on Chapter Four. What a great read!  Katie Doyen

I’ve had my business 3.5 years and have been super successful thanks to your book. Zoya Thomas

I received your book last week. It is wonderful and so informative!  Rebecca Carbin

Your book is fascinating, interesting, informative reading, detailing what really goes on behind the scenes in the daily life of a mobile groomer.  Traci Raimondi

Just ordered and received your book and have almost completely read it. It’s great!  Amber Saladine

I would love to say I received in the mail today The Successful Pet Groomer and Go Mobile and Succeed book /DVD. I could not put them down until I finished them both I just loved it and would recommend reading the books or watching the seminar great job. Jo Dickinson