DVD — Go Mobile And Succeed




Go Mobile And Succeed – The Seminar is a truly an educational experience like no other, for the newbie to the seasoned professional. With two hours of solid information, Ellen’s observations and ideas coupled with her practical and comprehensive advice on running a mobile grooming business is accessible to everyone. This seminar is filled with real-life experiences, full of insights and lessons learned that will benefit any pet stylist.

Known for her folksy and fun style, Ellen’s passion and enthusiasm for the grooming industry is evident throughout the seminar. She wants to help you realize your dreams as she brings to life her highly-acclaimed book Go Mobile And Succeed.

With this DVD, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in the audience during one of Ellen’s seminars. She presents information never heard before so you too can go mobile and succeed!


This dvd is well done and incredibly useful! I have been mobile for about a year, and had read Ellen’s book when I was first starting out. It had so much great info and was so encouraging, I couldn’t wait to see the dvd. The dvd compliments and expands on the info in the book and I learned new tips and tricks to make my mobile routine and business even better! Best of all, seeing Ellen on the dvd was like having a much smarter friend right in my living room, encouraging me and helping me to make my mobile business the best it can be!  Elizabeth Oram

You guys, this DVD is wonderful! I got a chance to sneak peek it in its entirety, and while I am not a mobile groomer, even I learned a lot – some things that are going to help my home based busines too! Christein Sertzel

I’ve been meaning to send you a note to say “thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” I have been thinking about mobile grooming for many years but along with the desire to groom, I had a ton of unanswered questions. To be honest, I didn’t know where to begin.  Your book Go Mobile and Succeed was such a huge help to me.  It covered so many areas but I especially loved the section where you described your typical day. This book is so well organized and easy to read! It’s great! I keep it with me and I have to say, I’ve read it several times as I work toward starting my own business. I had the privilege of attending one of your seminars this past summer and that was the best!! I identified with you when you spoke about your passion for grooming. Your book answered my questions but your seminar spoke to my heart. Since meeting you at the seminar you’ve been so helpful to me as I prepare to start my mobile grooming business! I feel I’ve met a friend in you and I can’t thank you enough! I will be recommending your book and seminar to everyone I know! Thank you again, Mary Wodell

Ellen, I loved attending your seminar! What made it so wonderful was learning about your own personal experience and how much you have accomplished in a fairly short period of time. Your story is inspiring as is your enthusiasm. I left that seminar feeling like I could conquer the world! I picked up plenty of tips that I immediately instituted into my own mobile business. It was one of the best seminars I have been able to attend.  Melissa Francisco

I attended your seminar, “Go Mobile and Succeed” at the Groom Expo in Hersey PA this year. It is evident that you are very passionate about both mobile grooming as well as helping others to realize their dreams. I am personally at the beginning of a career transition to dog grooming with the ultimate goal of owning my own mobile business. I could not have asked for a more thorough, well-prepared seminar loaded with useful and valuable information than the one you presented.You discussed everything from the daily operation of the business, to Internet marketing, web development and everything in between. I am grateful for your passion and enthusiasm in mobile grooming; as well as your openness to share your experiences and knowledge with others. I would strongly recommend anyone interested in exploring mobile grooming to attend your future seminars.  Lisa Stevens

“Thank you for your seminar at the Hershey Groom Show! You could easily expand it into an instructional series for future shows. Your seminar offered many good suggestions for the business end of going mobile— consulting an accountant, contacting local authorities for township/county/state requirements, networking with mobile groomers, searching petgroomer forums and more. Your tips and information are a great help! I look forward to going mobile by next Spring.”  Teresa Pyle

I just wanted to thank you again for inviting me to your house on Sunday for the seminar on your book. It was very informative and well done. There was so much great information given and I know it will help me when (notice I said when and not if) I decide to go mobile. Also hearing your story about how you got started and your love for grooming has boosted my confidence a little. The beginning of your seminar reminded me so much of myself and I feel you would be so great to work with.  Kellie Klunder

Wow! What an inspiration you are! I left a shop to go mobile almost 2 yrs ago now, and have loved it and its been a sucess. However, despite loving my job it can get lonely and less than motivating working by yourself day in and day out, and your lecture was just what I needed to hear for a little confirmation that I am doing it right. It was comforting to hear you say many of the things that Ive learned over the past year or so. My two friends who were with me are also contemplating mobile and one has just bought a truck. It was funny to hear you telling her most of the stuff that Ive been telling her during the weekend! I love the advice you give on the voice message to leave about if I dont get back to you that means I have no appointments available. Although I do leave a message to state the breed and area I find that many do not do this for whatever reason. I have 2 small kids and I really do not want or have the time to talk on the phone all night, so that was REALLY helpful and Im going to give it a try! Furthermore, what I really liked is your compassion. I have met quite a few groomers over the years that seem to lack this quality and it tends to bring me down on the industry when this happens. Thank you for confirming my thoughts and letting us know that we are not really alone! Also, thank you for holding all questions until the end. In the other classes there were a couple girls who would continuosly blurt out statements to the point where I thought maybe they came to TEACH rather than shut up and learn something! I only made it to 3 classes this weekend, but yours was the last one we got to at 2:00 and we thought yours was the most informative by far. Thanks! Celeste McCormick Pawsitive Mobile Grooming

Great seminar, great book! Thank you for everything you do for the mobile business. That’s me in the front row! Your little book is packet with so much good information and no garbage. It helped cut away so much trial and error and is invaluable to any mobile groomer that wants to be successful.  Jon Kelly

Great DVD Ellen! Thanks so much! Great tips!  Taya Stuthers

I just watched your video yesterday. It was wonderful. So motivating and inspiring. I felt like I was at the seminar. I loved what you said concerning discounts and friends and family. It was great! Thank you so much.  Jenn Dios

Just watched your video! I LOVE IT! There is so much great information there I will have to make time watch it several more times to let it sink in!  Jayne Crowley