Book & DVD — Go Mobile and Succeed




Save $20 when ordering the book and DVD together!

Running a mobile business is not only about who you are and how you groom, but also about starting and running your business correctly from day one. This book was written by a groomer who began her fledgling business right out of grooming school and made it fly! Go Mobile And Succeed is packed with secrets on how to start and operate a mobile grooming business. Learn the key factors in making your business fun and successful. You will be inspired and motivated by Ellen’s story … and learn that you too can succeed in the wonderful world of mobile pet grooming.

Topics include: scheduling, routing, pricing, breed and breed trims, policy/release forms, customers, overbooking, working on Saturday, marketing, advertising, client calls, newsletters, testimonials, the three most important questions, insurance, the van, mobile tips, health and safety and more. This book will help you answer the all-important question: Is mobile grooming right for you?


I was given this as a Christmas gift. I was getting everything ready to take my pet styling on the road and the book and DVD helped put me on the right track! Everything I need to know and easy to read. I would recommend to anyone new or already experienced to read her book and watch the DVD. There were so many things that I didn’t think of getting my mobile business together. Best value for your money. Kennie P.

So much great information! I highly recommend as a new business owner. I have been grooming for 10 years, but am new to mobile as of last year, and this helped me in so many ways. Tosha

The DVD and book were full of valuable information. Anyone contemplating mobile grooming would be wise to make use of these resources. Yak Dad

Great guide a must read for anyone looking to get into the mobile grooming business. Eva

Well written and excellent information for anyone that is considering going mobile. Michael Wright